February 9, 2011

Dead and Gone By Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone
By Charlaine Harris
320 Pages
E Book
Published May 5th, 2009
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Monster Focus: Vampires, Weres/Shapeshifters, Fae

More Sookie anyone? Here I am at #9 and I'm excited to be closing in on the series as I have been behind for too long. With Dead Reckoning releasing soon, I want to be all caught up and ready Me and Sookie have a love hate relationship really. I enjoy these books so much, but sometimes they drag on for me and the culture shock of Louisiana for this California born girl is difficult to cope with sometimes. Thank God Sookie kicks ass and is accompanied by the smexy Eric. I'm hoping for good things and rooting for Team Eric.

This is Sookie at her absolute best! I enjoyed Dead and Gone immensely. In this volume, the Were community decides to follow after the vampire community and reveal their existence to the world. The aftershock of this revelation is nothing short of hostile.

I think after the events of this book, we will see a significant character change in Sookie. She goes through hell and barely survives and loses a few friends along the way. I won't go into much detail so as not to spoil it for those of you who have not read this volume and are interested in the series. The end is a big cliffhanger and leaves us wondering, did a certain dreamy vampire survive? What will happen next in Sookie and Eric's ever evolving relationship? I can't wait to get into the next volume Dead in the Family! I know that some reviewers did not like this book because of the harsh violence portrayed and the abuse to Sookie, but I think this brought something to the story that we haven't seen yet out of this series. Sookie will never be the same after this and that leaves us wondering; is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Great read, the best so far!

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