August 31, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming book releases we are eagerly awaiting. This week's pick is:

Archangel's Blade is the fourth installment in Nalini Singh's popular Guild Hunter series. Now I have yet to read the third book Archangel's Consort, however the unique style of this book intrigues me. The entire book veers away from our main characters Elena and Raphael and focuses on Dimitri! What a strange choice! I'm excited to see how Singh pulls this off and enjoy me some Dimitri! Expected release date is September 6th.

So, what new releases are you looking forward to Wicked Readers?

August 30, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

This week's trip to the local thrift store bagged me these awesome titles at just $8.98. What thrift store gems have you picked up lately?

August 28, 2011

Sunday Spotlight On: Historical Fiction

Becoming Marie Antoinette
Juliet Grey
Marie Antoinette #1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: 4

Marie Antoinette gets a revival and a more flattering coat of paint in this first installment of the new Marie Antoinette series by Juliet Grey.

What can I say? I have always been fascinated with a handful of historical leading ladies and Marie is one of the top 5. When I thought of her before this book, I pictured lush, scrumptious desserts and wispy cotton candy hair piled high on an overly pampered and exceedingly empty head. Think the Kirsten Dunst movie adaptation, which I loved by the way. After reading Becoming, which chronicles Marie's story from childhood to her husband's rise to the French throne, I feel like historians and poorly informed high school history teachers have been pulling the wool over my eyes. I realize this is historical fiction, however the author leaves us readers a note at the end about what is historically accurate and what she embellished for story's sake.

Written from Marie's perspective and supplemented by journal entries and correspondence  between the major players in her accession to dauphine, Becoming Marie Antoinette allows the reader to feel a kinship with this infamous historical figure. Another thing that struck me as unique and pleasing was Grey's characterization of Louis Auguste. Rather than the cold, indifferent husband he is most commonly represented as, Grey offers us a shy, and painfully socially awkward boy. The way she progresses the relationship between him and Marie is both frustrating and achingly sweet.

This book would be a great way for anyone interested in learning more about this wonderful heroine, to become better acquainted with the young Marie Antoinette. I enjoyed reading this book very much and look forward to the next release, Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow, which is expected to be published sometime in 2012.

August 27, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Rise

Love's Rise
Mica Jade
Genre: Short Stories, Erotica, Romance
Rating: 4

Love's Rise was by far my favorite Mica Jade short story. I had a hard time even characterizing it as erotica, because erotica focuses on the sex, however this Neil and Kelly's story has real life depth to it, that most erotica is missing.

After a flood devastates their home, Neil and Kelley must band together to pick up the pieces of their shattered world for the sake of their children. The tragedy also forces them to come to terms with the decrepit state of their marriage that has been deteriorating over recent years. Will Neil be able to convince his wife that he is ready to not only rebuild their home, but also their marriage? Will Kelly be able to trust him again?

Love's Rise is a feast for the heart, bringing much needed meaning to woman's erotic fiction. Jade acknowledges that not everything is always perfect, no matter how sexy you are. Marriages are tough and can weaken over the years as we get overly comfortable, but when love is on the rise, there is still a chance for it to be wonderful again.

August 26, 2011

Friday, Nerdy Friday: Upcoming Game Releases For September

Dead Island 
It's time for a vacation! Let''s see, we'll need to bring sunblock, towels, swimsuits, and ... a shotgun? With the ever growing popularity of zombies in our books, movies, and video games it was just a matter of time until we took them on vacation. Dead Island releases September 6th in the U.S. and September 9th everywhere else. Visit the Official Dead Island Website for more details.

God of War Origins Collection 
Let's take Kratos back to his gory roots, his gory PSP based roots. Finally! We can play these short but sweet God of War morsels on the big screen! Get yourself ready to relive all the puzzles, blood, bosses, blood, sex mini-games, and oh yes, more blood. God of War Origins Collection releases September 13 in the U.S. Check out the collection at  

 Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 2: Innocent Sin
The only game in the Persona series to never get a formal U.S. release is finally coming to the PSP! This will be a great addition to the collection of owners of both the 1st and 3rd games in the series which have already been released on the PSP. I am personally very excited about this release as I have played P3P and thought it was just incredible. Get your copy September 20th. Pre-order your copy at

 Ico and Shadow of Colosus Collection
Another exciting PS3 combo release announced at E3 this year. Play the Playstation 2 classics with updated graphics and sound on your PS3. I'm excited to get the chance to play these. I've heard lots of good things especially about Shadow of Colosus. Set to release int he U.S. September 27th. Read the article at

 Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Yes! Another Rune Factory for the Wii! Up until recent years, Rune factory has been exclusive to the Nintendo DS. That all changed with Rune Factory Frontier. I'm excited to say we Rune Factory fans will get another on September 27th with Rune Factory Tides of Destiny. Who will the new bachelors and bachelorettes be? What's the story line this time? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out! The official website is in Japanese folks so if you would like to find out more info, please visit your purchasing website of choice or head over to

 X-men Destiny 
As if we video game junkies didn't have enough to be excited about this September. I've saved the best for last! X-Men Destiny looks freaking awesome and releases on the 27th as well. Which system will you buy it for? Not trying to be prejudiced here, but if you buy it for the DS I will slap you silly. Go big or go home! *cough*xbox*cough* Ahem! Anyways... visit the Official Website for trailers, characters, and general infoness. 

August 25, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Passion

Love's Passion
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotic Short Story, Romance

Beth is experiencing deep feelings of loss after attending her daughter's wedding. Her husband Sam is determined to cheer her up and relive the day they conceived their baby girl.

Love's Passion is by far the sweetest love story of Jade's erotic tales I've read so far. Beth and Sam have a powerful connection fueled by many years of marriage that is set ablaze after sending their daughter off to her new life. The story line is a bit reminiscent of Love's Bite in that the couple sneak onto a stranger's property for their rendezvous. The idea doesn't seem as fresh after reading it twice, however the amazing love scene just about makes up for it. As a reviewer, it is my job to find these flaws, however I feel the casual reader will find a new and exciting experience with each of Mica Jade's stories.

August 24, 2011

Incredible Indies

 As you've probably noticed, Wickedly Bookish loves indie authors! I make it a point to promote these under appreciated writers and offer you, as the reader, a map to navigate the sometimes rocky waters of buying worthwhile indie titles. Anyone and their mom can publish that little story they've been working on and not all of them are very good. So how do you get your money's worth?

Every month, I will be featuring a different, fabulous indie author along with at least one of their titles and a special interview. So join me to get to know these hardworking indies and fill up your eReader of choice with Wickedly priced and Wickedly fun reads.

Are you an indie author? Want your book reviewed here on Wickedly Bookish and a chance at being the author of the month? Leave your contact info in the comment section, or email me at

August 21, 2011

Book Review: Succubus Dreams

Succubus Dreams
Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Creature Feature: Demons, Angels, Vampires
Rating: 4

Georgina Kincaid, succubus extraordinaire, is experiencing some vivid dreams that are leaving her drained of all that sexy energy when she wakes. With her new job as manager of Emerald City Books, her more than complicated relationship with author Seth Mortensen, and an apprentice succubus in town, Georgie really has her work cut out for her.

It is no secret that this series has not been my favorite. Georgina is just not a character I relate to or sympathize with. I still really don't like Georgina, however this book has redeemed the series for me. The plot was on par with the first book. I mean a succubus being preyed on by dream demons? What irony! We get some sexy time with Seth and a few new characters are introduced. I really think what did it for me in this book, was the introduction of Dante Moriarty. I absolutely love Dante with his dark past and sexy sarcastic attitude. He has some of the funniest lines in the book and I am definitely rooting for him.

The antics with Tawny, the apprentice succubus, were really annoying and completely detracted from the main story. I understand that it was all linked to the main plot in the end, but when it was all said and done, it just felt like a bad side story jostling for attention. I have a feeling it will play a bigger part in the series overall, but it did nothing for me here. Georgina is already slutty enough without having to make out with robobabe.

That being said, the sex scenes are taken to another level in this book. Yes some of them are seriously hot, however they just made me dislike Georgina more. She reminds me so much of an ex-friend I had in high school that, once in the real world, turned into a total slut who cared nothing for others feelings and had very little respect for committed relationships. I think it's fair to say I'm never going to like Georgina, but I do enjoy reading about the crap she gets herself into and her continuing troubles with Seth.

Ah...we all knew it had to come to this. Now for the spoilers. Do not read on if you haven't read Succubus Dreams yet, or if you do not wish to be spoiled!

I know a lot of you are upset about Seth cheating on Georgina with Maddie and breaking up with her. Before we pull out the flame throwers, let's be honest here. First of all, Georgina gave Seth full permission to sleep with other people due to the chaste nature of their relationship. They can't have sex or she will eventually kill him so she tells him to get it elsewhere. Therefore she has no right to be pissed off. She goes out and sleeps with other men in completely slutty situations all the time, but gets mad when her poor blue balled boy toy gets it from the cute assistant manager. Hypocritical much? Seth really could have handled the break up better, however his points were completely valid. They can have no significant future together. They can't have kids and grow old together and Seth deserves to have those things for himself if he wants. He knew what he was getting himself into when the relationship started, but his feelings changed and he couldn't handle it. I don't really blame him at all. I know a lot of you are heartbroken for Georgina, but let's face it, she constantly sets herself up for failure! Dante's palm reading only brings this into a more concrete light. The girl is going to live forever she either needs to find herself an immortal lover, who she can't slowly kill off, or she needs to realize if she's going to date mortals that there are consequences. Her shape shifting ways can't compensate for everything she doesn't have to offer. Is that mean? Maybe, but it's also true. Her friends try and tell her this every single book.

Now that I've gotten that rant out of the way, sorry guys, I feel can say with confidence that this series is one to follow. The first two books were ok, but it really picks up here at the third installment. I'm eager to read the next one Succubus Heat to see what happens when Georgina doesn't have someone to answer to. Maybe we'll get a little more Dante? We can only hope.

August 18, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Delight

Love's Delight
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotic Short Story, Romance
Rating: 3

Brooke's coffee shop visit becomes a naughty, grown-up game of truth or dare when sexy barista Dylan leaves her a mysterious message on a napkin.

 The setup for this erotic short story was flawless building up the reader's anticipation of how the sexy rendezvous would play out. I was pretty much convinced this was going to be my favorite of Mica Jade's short stories, right up until the love scene. This is where the story loses me. It felt like every other word was ass. I totally understand the sexiness of grabbing, spanking, and even some biting every once and awhile, but licking? There is a point where Brooke tells Dylan, "I want your tongue in my ass." Everyone has their quirky turn-ons, and I respect them for it. However in my personal case, this completely turned me off. There is no way my tongue would ever get anywhere near the place poop comes out. It's just plain wrong. Once again I will reiterate that this is my personal opinion and that I think no less of those who participate in this particular activity. It's just not for me.

Besides that particular part, the rest of the love scene is seriously hot, I just had a hard time getting back into it. The end of the story has a cute and surprising little twist that made me smile and really proves that love can reinvent itself infinitely. Love's Delight wasn't my favorite, but Jade certainly has a way with creating sexy situations her readers will be fantasizing about for years to come. The creativity and the variety is what will keep her readers coming back for more.

August 17, 2011

Book Review: Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante

Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante
Bronwyn Scott
Genre: Historical Romance, Harlequin
Rating: 4

Beldon Stratten is the epitome of the perfect English gentleman and he just so happens to be in the market for a bride. He knows exactly what he wants, a perfectly proper English rose, that is, until Lilya Stefanov waltzes into his life and takes him for a wild ride. Liliya is the bearer of a rare diamond that many dangerous men would kill to get their hands on. Now Lilya must choose between protecting her family's legacy or embracing a happily-ever-after with the man she loves.

I don't feel like the title does this book justice. It suggests that Lilya is scandalous and improper. Her character is actually quite the opposite. She is sweet, intelligent, and courageous as she secretly protects her family's legacy from those who would use it to gain power. Of all the Harlequin titles I have read, Secret Life's heroine has to be my favorite. She was such a strong willed, unselfish model that I couldn't help but like her. Beldon's character came across like a weak cup of tea for most of the book, until near the end when he faces losing Lilya. He really steps up at this point in the story and takes charge of things. Beldon isn't the alpha male I usually enjoy, however he does have his sweet English charm.

The story is really what sets this book apart from others within the Harlequin-Historical lineup. The romance feels like it was built to fit around the story, instead of the story facilitating the romance, which was really nice. Many other books like this have left me feeling like the author created the situations in this story just to give the couple an excuse to get steamy. Scott manages to make every encounter between Lilya and Beldon feel spontaneous and realistic; loving and sultry as their relationship grows through the dangers hey encounter.

Overall, this was an engaging quick read with a memorable couple and a very sweet romance. You can pick up a copy for your reading pleasure September 6th.

August 15, 2011

Book Review: The Darkest Pleasure

The Darkest Pleasure
Gena Showalter
Lords of the Underworld #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Creature Feature:
Rating: 4

Danika is on the run from the Lords. Bloodlust crazed Aeron, keeper of Wrath, has been tasked by the gods to slay her and her family. While split up from her grandmother, mom, and sister, Danika gets into trouble and is kidnapped by hunters. Reyes, who has come to desire her, and the other Lords rescue her and take her back to their fortress in Budapest. Reyes is the keeper of Pain, yet he desires to bring Danika her pleasure....

Reyes and Danika's story is, so far, my favorite in the series. You get to see that Reyes is actually a real sweetie and as a heroine, Danika is the best so far. If you are not familiar with the series, the main premise is that each Lord is possessed by one of the demons that was trapped inside of Pandora's box. Kind of a neat little idea there. I'm enjoying seeing how each Lord overcomes his own demon in order to be with the women he loves. One thing I really like about the LOTU series is that the Lords never have to change who they are at their core, the women they are paired off with always offset them perfectly and each partner in the couple makes the other a better person. Too many women and young girls are under the impression that they can find a sexy bad boy, and fix all his problems, by molding him into what they want. I think we need more fiction like this that enforces accepting and loving our partners for who they are, faults and all.

Reyes and Danika showcase this well in that, once Danika falls for him, she doesn't try to change Reyes' pleasure from pain self, she embraces it. I enjoyed the pull of attraction here that Danika struggles with. Who doesn't love a story about resisting your sexy enemy?

We also get a good look at what's happening with Paris in the background. His side story has been an interesting one, and i can't wait to see where it goes once I get to his book! Sabin makes some cameos here in preparation for the next book The Darkest Whisper, in which he is the star.

The core plot is pushed a bit farther, revealing one of the Artifacts of the gods, making for a very nervous Cronus, and the Lords are directed to Egypt! The next book should be lots of fun!

August 14, 2011

Sunday Spotlight On: Short Stories

The Wicked House of Rohan
Anne Stuart
House of Rohan #0.5
Genre: Erotic Short Stories, Historical Romance
Rating: 4

Kathleen Strong is down on her luck and in need of a new job after false rumors ruin her career as a governess. The newly established Heavenly Host, a debauched mens club, offers to pay her well and send her home to England in exchange for her virginity. Handsome rake Alistiar Rohan, founder of the club, has a slightly different proposition for her, one that she can't refuse.

I read this in preperation for the ARC copy of Shameless I recieved from Netgalley. I haven't read the previous books in the series and wanted to get a feel for the world I would be stepping into. What better way than to read a short erotic prequel to the series?

This was very short, but well planned out unlike many other short stoires. There isn't much time to set up the characters and the situation, however Anne Stuart does a remarkable job pulling you in and not letting go until the end. I loved Alistair and Kathleen's characters and hope we see more of them in the full length stories. All in all, this was a fun, quick, sultry read that I would definitely reccommend.

August 13, 2011

Book Review: Hysteria

Eva Gale
Erotic Short Story, Historical Romance
Rating: 4

This was a Barnes & Noble ebook freebie. I enjoy these short little stories that I can read when I'm in the mood for one and Hysteria is a bit better than the average. Hysteria creates an erotic story around the 19th century method for treating madness or "hysteria" in women. Pretty creepy when you think about it, but this short story manages to make something erotic out of it.

At first you think the main charcter is an insane person recieving weekly "treatments" however, you later ocme to find her life is completely devoid of love and affection. A handsome docor eventually takes over her therapy and romance ensues. Good for a short smut. 

August 12, 2011

Friday, Nerdy Friday: Storm Born #3 Delayed!

The third issue of the Dark Swan comic Storm Born has been delayed! I went to my local comic book store and asked for the issue at the end of July and was told that it hadn't come out as scheduled and there was no date for when the publisher expected to be releasing it.  Issue #4 is still set to be released at the end of August, so the question fans have is, "Will they both be released at the same time?" A Sea Lion Books liaison confirmed the issue has been delayed and that information will be released soon. I don't know about you guys, but this blogger is a bit curious as to what's going on. Is there not enough interest in the comic? Is it being canceled? Or was there merely an issue on the production end? Hopefully these questions will be answered before the end of August so we can pick up our beautiful comics!

What do you guys think?

August 11, 2011

Book Review: Love's Bite

Love's Bite
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotica, Short Stories, Romance
Rating: 4

A fun, quick erotic read. You will never be able to look at a pair of novelty vampire fangs the same way ever again. Autumn is my favorite season and Halloween one of my favorite holidays in it. Love's Bite made me twinge with nostalgia at all the gorgeously ghoulish decorations and costumes and took my breath away with those teeth!

Jade knows how to build up the sexual tension between her couples and create excitingly sensual situations. The best part about this story was Michael and Ella are a married couple! Very seldom in these short erotic stories that are becoming so popular, do we see the main characters being the average married couple. Not only could I relate to them, the story actually felt realistic. This could actually happen to you ladies! You and your hubby could get down and dirty with some plastic fangs from the dollar store. All I can say is enjoy and take some notes!

August 10, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

I took a little trip to the local Goodwill and found out they have an incredible selection of used books! I only had seven bucks on me, so I couldn't get all the ones I wanted, but I did pick up these tantalizing titles.

I'm pretty excited to get reading. and glad I was able to add these to my library for so little!  Has anyone read these yet? I haven't gotten far enough in the Morganville Vampires series to read Fade Out yet, but I will have it when I'm ready. Let me know your thoughts on these books if you have read them yet.

August 9, 2011

Book Review: Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss
Nalini Singh
Guild Hunter #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Creature Feature: Angels and vampires
Rating 4

Archangel's Kiss is a riveting sequel to the thrilling Angels' Blood. Elena, the first ever angel-Made is getting used to her new life with wings. While Elena enjoys the seemingly peaceful confines of the Refuge, a vampire is found mutilated with a knife bearing the Guild's seal, buried deep within his chest. Someone is not happy with Elena's new status as Raphael's consort and has some plans of their own. Meanwhile another, larger threat gains power in the Forbidden City. Lijuan has some new pets; the Reborn; the walking dead.

This volume of the Guild Hunter series was a great read that evoked emotions from both sides of the spectrum. We get to see Elena become accustomed to the culture and life-style changes of angel society. I've never read about a main character with wings. I forgot they were there half the time and I feel like this made the reading experience more real for me. I was confused right along with Elena and felt her frustration at the unfamiliar appendages and her joy when she finally learned how to use them. One of the best parts of this book is Elena going to school with the child angels. The beautiful innocence of the young angles she interacts with brings a new depth to the angelic world that Singh has presented to us thus far. The adult angels have a hard, cold edge, but even the cruelest of angels is humbled and warmed by the young.

Another part I loved about this book was Elena's growing friendship with Illium. He is such a vivid character to me with his exotic coloring and wry humor that is absent in most of the angels we have met in the series. His obvious affection for Elena is blooming into something more as he shamelessly flirts with her making us fans worry for Bluebell. Hopefully he doesn't push Raphael too far, I would miss him!

On a darker note, Elena's childhood trauma is brought to the forefront through nightmares and flashbacks that are interfering with her daily life and at times distracting her to the point of danger. I'm not creepy and sadistic or anything, but I enjoy a darker tone to books like these. The chilling events add substance to a character and bring us as readers closer to them, having known their difficult pasts. Elena suffered witnessing the deaths of her sisters and the gruesome torture of her mother. The disturbing things she was forced to see and participate in at such a young age have scarred her psyche, but have shaped the deeply moral person that she is. The surfacing of these memories provide a gateway for Raphael and Elena to trust and open up to each other, making them a more relatable couple. Raphael remains the dark, stoic, sexiness that he is, but now we get to see a more human side of him that just makes him that much more endearing.

Finally, the intense creepiness of Lijuan's Reborn is just well...damn creepy! We are left not with a cliffhanger, but the promise that it is nowhere near over between the Archangel of New York and Lijuan. I will be continuing this series for sure. All you Raphael fan girls out there, you know I love you! As for me, I think I'm pretty much in love with Illium.

Happy reading everyone!

<3 Jess

August 7, 2011

Sunday Spotlight: Author Interview with Joel T. McGrath

Author Interview

Joel T. McGrath
This Sunday Wickedly Bookish is proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Joel T. McGrath. Joel is the author of the young adult, science fiction/fantasy novel Shrouded Secrets. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Jessica where he writes the continuing adventures of David and Danielle Parker. Joel has given us some awesome answers and has even provided a sneak peak of his next book Shadow Harvest set to realease this holiday season.

#1 Shrouded Secrets is your debut novel, have you always wanted to write, or has it been something that has come to you recently?

You know, I can’t lie; I haven’t always wanted to write fiction. That being said, I have loved poetry and I’ve written poetry ever since I was very young. Writing poetry was always about raw emotion for me so it was easy to pen, but I just couldn’t find that one powerful story that inspired me until Shrouded Secrets found me a few years ago. And I say it found me because I feel that creativity cannot be forced. So yes, writing fiction has without a doubt been a recent discovery to me.

#2 What are your inspirations for writing? Any particular authors, people, books, or popular culture that has influenced you?

Here’s the thing about that. I don’t really read fiction, well…not modern fiction that is. My favorite authors are Frank McCourt, Dickens, Austen, Melville, and Emerson. While these authors influenced the overall sculpting of certain character traits, they didn’t influence my approach to writing the actual story of Shrouded Secrets at all. However, it’s hard not to be influenced by popular culture; that’s why it’s popular. I’m of the mind that absolutely nothing is one hundred percent original, but I really tried to put a fresh feel on a familiar theme.

#3 There are a lot of underlying messages and themes in Shrouded Secrets. What do you feel is the most important one that you wanted to get across to your readers?

Wow, now that’s the best question that anyone has asked me since I wrote Shrouded Secrets. You got your universal storyline about love, loss, and fear, along with every other complex emotion that our conscious minds wrestle with on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the true message in Shrouded Secrets is our subconscious struggle with the questions of our own weaknesses and mortality as human beings. I still think that hope is in short supply these days, and that true heroes have real shortcomings like everyone else, but we still need hope to hold on to, or otherwise all is lost.

The evil that exists in Shrouded Secrets, I feel is rooted deeply in our world. There are choices made in the first book that would test anyone’s mettle. Going forward, the next novel is going to be faster, sleeker, and much more powerful. I just hope that more people read Shrouded Secrets because it holds some minute, but very important keys that will be major themes in future novels. For example, the flicker fruit trees that once grew wildly all over Eruditus are suddenly blighted and wilting. Not only is this a major problem because of what the flicker fruit provides, but no one knows why they are dying at an alarming rate. With only a few trees left that can produce fruit, in the second novel, this leads to an act of desperation by the inhabitants of Eruditus that sets a chain reaction in motion that not only changes our lives on Earth, but our entire view of our own history and reality.

#4 The characters in your story really shine and come to life. Do any of your characters, especially David, Danielle and Appollos, have traits or characteristics inspired by loved ones?

Yeah, they all do. I think it’s impossible to write fictionalized, yet realistic characters without a template. No character directly resembles any one person that I’ve known, but instead is a composite of many different types of people that I’ve come across in my life. I feel kind of like Dr. Frankenstein in a way. I said to myself, um…I like this aspect of that person, and even though that other person over there may not be a totally bad person, I don’t like that particular trait in them. However, I’ll use the bad quality in combination with some other more redeeming qualities to create a totally original, living person.

Appollos has a certain naivety about the new world in which he has been thrust. He sees good and evil as purely a black and white issue only. I admire him for that. My father viewed things like that at times in his life. My dad wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he couldn’t help but to wonder if the world would be better off if everyone just stopped contributing to its problems and focused on making it a nicer place instead.

None of my sisters were close in age to me and I was a late bloomer, so I used to hang out with a couple of girls that were like Danielle. We would play basketball and do BMX bike stunts together. We’d tease each other occasionally and they’d slug me in a heartbeat if I ever annoyed them. During that time, they were like my sisters; they were actually my Danielle.

David is at a complicated point in his life. He’s not a kid, but he still likes kid things. He understands the social ramifications of entering high school, and what’s now considered social suicide. He’s becoming more self-conscious as he becomes more self-aware. David is not me, but my teen years are a mirror reflection of his confusion and frustration. I had to face some evil from kids my own age at the time, and I had to face it from older people outside of school. As in the book, when you can no longer tell who is friend or foe, like what eventually happens to David, being a hero can become almost impossible, especially when you’re not sure who your friends really are anymore.

#5 There is a lot of moral fiber, if you will, and family values throughout the story. Danielle and David not only go through supernatural trials, but also the trials of becoming young aults. Would you say this is a good medium in which parents can discuss difficult issues of grwoing up with their kids?

David and Danielle still have one very loving and supportive parent, which is sadly not the case for many kids growing up nowadays. I know a great guy who runs a comic book shop a few towns over from where I live. He’s like this real positive, deep thinker and he’s got awesome family values for his kids. So, I naturally assumed that he had come from some kind of perfect family. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. One day he told me about how both of his parents were these super dysfunctional heroin addicts throughout his childhood, along with a bunch of other stuff just not worth mentioning during this interview.

My point being, some of that stuff can be way too intense and real for certain people, and I think fantasy can be a great medium to bring up social problems as long as it doesn't come across too campy or idealistic. I feel that not matter wht the project may be, you especialy want to avoid a pious or preachy tone, mostly because it's probably insincere garbage at that point anyway. However, fantasy with a modern twist can more effectively accomplish what a coming of age can't always do, and that's zoom in and out between larger societal issues and the smaller problems that affect us all individually.
#6 Are there any details you can give us about your next book?

Shadow Harvest

Immortality has been lost and in another realm, David James has been branded a murderer of the last in the royal line of Eruditus. The Doyen Council has locked the doors to the temple, and sealed the entrance that leads directly to Earth. In addition, they have charged their sacred warriors, the Galinea, with treason for the destruction of the peace that they were once sworn to keep.

For the two siblings on Earth, everything has returned to an even more comfortable normal than they had ever previously experienced. Danielle accepts an unexpected scholarship to the Decayther School, an exclusive, co-ed boarding school in the quiet English countryside just south of London. Meanwhile, David is doomed to summer school because he was caught cheating on one of his final exams.

At the same time, a massive and mysterious medieval, yet seemingly invisible, castle materializes, covering an entire mountaintop not far from where David lives. To those few souls who are able to view its ominous presence perched high above the California coastline, they have no question as to what its purpose is, and how it has suddenly appeared.
Soon a gathering of a few unique, yet otherwise ordinary children and teenagers begins worldwide. There are reports of tragic freak accidents that claim the lives of some, while others are abruptly taken, never to be heard from again. Late one night in a mostly deserted New York City subway, a strange supernatural battle occurs between two individuals who are seeking the same teenaged target. Local law enforcement is baffled when they arrive on the gruesome scene moments later. They discover that one of the two has met a most untimely and puzzling death, while the other has vanished into the night.

While in England, nightmares of Danielle’s beloved Seth’s morbid demise at the hands of a ghastly creature, cause her angst, even though he is safely alive back in California. The night terrors become vivid and more frequent with horror-plagued images, which now overpower her once peaceful dreams.

David is actively and unknowingly recruited as an asset that will help decide the fate of the shadow harvest. Even though his once unique strength has not returned to him, an unobtrusive force begins to manipulate him and those he loves. David’s decisions begin to tear his best friends apart, leaving them all in a weakened state, and ripe for the coming attack.

First loves, old flames, and vicious betrayals are tempered by new allies, ancient enemies, and shattering revelations. A latent new order has emerged, and there is no middle ground left to claim. Governments begin to react irrationally as if their thoughts had become permeated with fear and mistrust, and no longer can be considered their own thoughts at all. Nevertheless, to the average eye, the world continues as it always has, and there appears to be no cause for alarm, but that will soon change. And unless both Danielle and David choose to believe in courage and to endure no matter the sacrifice, they will be powerless when what has been destine to occur is fulfilled beyond what any of them had ever envisioned.

#7 Is there anything you want to say to the readers? Any epic words of wisdom you wan tto leaves with us?

Yeah, the best thing that I can say is, come on this journey with me. Unlike some writers out there, I know where I'm going with this series, and you will not be dissapointed in the end if you accept my invitation.

Once again, I would like to thank Jess from Wickedly Bookish for taking the time to read, review, and post this interview for Shrouded Secrets.

August 6, 2011

Book Review: Blood Promise

Blood Promise
Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy #4
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Creature Feature: Vampires
Rating 4

By far, the slowest of the Vampire Academy series, however the pit stops on Rose's way to finding Dimitri feel necessary and important to her character development.

[book:Blood Promise|5996153] splits its time between Rose's quest to find and kill Strigoi Dimitri and Lissa's now solo battle with the darkness inside of her. A few new characters are introduced, including Dimitri's family and the mysterious alchemists that clean up after careless Dhampirs. The look we get into Dimtri's childhood is a sweet and tender one making the heartwenching reality of Rose's task that much more devistating.

When Rose finally does find Dimitri, after more than half the bok is through, she hesitates and fails to kill him  getting herself captured in the process. The folowing events test both Rose's abilities as a resourceful guardian and her strength of will as a heartbroken young woman. Her fate comes down to a final decision, find a way to escape and kill Dimitri, or become a Strigoi herself, willing or not.

Although slow at times, Blood Promise sets up major plot points for the future and leaves you eager to read the enxt istallment. I'm glad I started reading the series after it was completed or else I woud have a hard time waiting for the next one.

August 5, 2011

Friday, Nerdy Friday: The Monthly Grab Bag

My local comic book store offers really cool grab bags that have five random comics in them, making for an excellent way to get introduced to new series. For this Nerdy Friday, I'm going to post pics of the comics I got in my grab bag and see what you guys think. It should be pretty fun. 

Some interesting titles this month! I'm pretty excited for Red Robin, and it looks like Superboy is in some trouble! Well there you have it folks! Any thoughts on these titles? has anyone read any of these series? I'm partial to Batgirl myself. 

Have a very nerdy Friday!

August 4, 2011

Thursday's Dirty Little Secret

"If you were the heroine of a novel, 
who would be your sidekick?"
 "Opinions are like testicles, if you hit them hard enough, its doesn't matter how many of them you have." - Varric Tethras (Dragon Age II)
 I'm a huge video game fan and the Dragon Age franchise is by far my favorite. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Varric is a smart mouthed, smooth talking dwarf with a magnificent crossbow named Bianca. I also find him slightly attractive... ok so I think the dwarf is downright sexy. No judging! I would love to have Varric fighting by my side shouting perfectly timed quips. *sigh*
Make sure to visit the ladies hosting this meme at: 

Book Review: Highland Rogue, London Miss

Highland Rogue, London Miss
Margaret Moore
Paperback Edition
288 Pages
Published August 1st, 2010
Genre: Historical Romance, Harlequin Historical
Rating: 3

While perusing the aisles of my favorite local used book store, I came across this one and picked it up because of the pretty cover, but bought it because the words "highland" and "rogue" appeared on it. Lately I've found I can't resist anything promising me a roguish alpha male with a Scottish accent and Highland Rogue, London Miss delivers a fairly decent portrayal.

The basic concept of this novel is finding out what happens when you take an opinionated, virtuously headstrong women, and a freewheeling handsome rogue and place them in a situation where they must pretend they are married. As you can imagine, it's a tough situation as it is, but then place them in 1800s England and Scotland and it becomes scandalously interesting.

The plot behind the romance is a bit weak and seems to be forced in order to set up steamy situations for our hero and heroine. Besides this flaw, it really is just a quick read with fun characters and decent love scenes built up with sexual tension fueled by what is or isn't proper. Don't get me wrong, that can be a great formula when it comes to 1800s romance, but it is only so-so in this particular case.

August 3, 2011

Book Review: The Pearl at the Gate

The Pearl at the Gate
Anya Delvay
Ebook Short
Published June 24th, 2008
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Rating 3

The Pearl at the Gate is a short erotic tale set in the 1800s. Captain Roake Barbenoir picked up some dirty habits from his time at sea, now that he is settled down with his beloved wife Jenesta, he has vowed to keep his dark urges to himself, but Jenesta has some secrets of her own. Find out what happens when Jenesta explores the forbidden room and is caught by her husband. Sometimes the consequences of our actions can lead to the answers we needed all along.

This is a very saucy short-story, and may be a little too saucy for some who are unaccustomed to more primal sex. There is light BDSM and honestly some of the dialogue is a little ridiculous. The author was trying a little too hard at times to input British slang. This is a decent read for smut lovers, however may not be for everyone.

August 2, 2011

Book Review: Shrouded Secrets

Shrouded Secrets
Joel T. McGrath
Ebook Edition
460 pages
Published December 2nd, 2010
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA
Rating 3

David and Danielle James are your everyday brother and sister; they argue, David bugs the crap out of his big sister, Danielle treats her brother like a nuisance, and underneath it all they really love each other. What these two don't know is that their normal lives are about to be turned upside down as they discover their hidden roots.

Shrouded Secrets reminds me of an old school fantasy book in that McGrath takes his time building up his characters so that you notice the subtle changes they go through that foreshadow the kind of person they will end up being. The world and culture of Eruditus are carefully constructed and introduced to the reader as if they too are a passenger on this fantastical ride. The problem I had was that I felt like this was a draft rather than a final product. Some of the dialogue and description was a bit wordy and could do with an edit. Shrouded Secrets has the potential to stand up there with titles like The Lightning Thief, but lacks a certain sparkly final coat.

This is a book parents will want their pre-teens to read. The situations and characters are very YA, but unlike other YA titles, you can trust that your kids are getting something really good out of their reading experience. The dialogue is relate-able, yet wholesome and the underlying messages of self-awareness and responsibility wrapped in a sci-fi fantasy package will leave them with concepts they can use in everyday life.

Overall, Shrouded Secrets is a heartfelt first installment to a series that has the potential to become a classic. Certain scenes really grabbed me on an emotional level. Without spoiling the main plot points, McGrath creates such a innately evil, totally dislike-able character in Madison that I whooped when she finally got what was coming to her. Also, I cried when I thought my favorite character was going to die. The character really became that real for me that I feared for his/her life. So now Mr. McGrath, you can say you made me cry, which is a difficult thing to do when it comes to books and movies. You see, McGrath's debut novel is no mindless read like most YA books today, which is why I recommend it. However, it may not appeal to more adult minds until it gets that final coat.