August 27, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Rise

Love's Rise
Mica Jade
Genre: Short Stories, Erotica, Romance
Rating: 4

Love's Rise was by far my favorite Mica Jade short story. I had a hard time even characterizing it as erotica, because erotica focuses on the sex, however this Neil and Kelly's story has real life depth to it, that most erotica is missing.

After a flood devastates their home, Neil and Kelley must band together to pick up the pieces of their shattered world for the sake of their children. The tragedy also forces them to come to terms with the decrepit state of their marriage that has been deteriorating over recent years. Will Neil be able to convince his wife that he is ready to not only rebuild their home, but also their marriage? Will Kelly be able to trust him again?

Love's Rise is a feast for the heart, bringing much needed meaning to woman's erotic fiction. Jade acknowledges that not everything is always perfect, no matter how sexy you are. Marriages are tough and can weaken over the years as we get overly comfortable, but when love is on the rise, there is still a chance for it to be wonderful again.

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