August 21, 2011

Book Review: Succubus Dreams

Succubus Dreams
Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Creature Feature: Demons, Angels, Vampires
Rating: 4

Georgina Kincaid, succubus extraordinaire, is experiencing some vivid dreams that are leaving her drained of all that sexy energy when she wakes. With her new job as manager of Emerald City Books, her more than complicated relationship with author Seth Mortensen, and an apprentice succubus in town, Georgie really has her work cut out for her.

It is no secret that this series has not been my favorite. Georgina is just not a character I relate to or sympathize with. I still really don't like Georgina, however this book has redeemed the series for me. The plot was on par with the first book. I mean a succubus being preyed on by dream demons? What irony! We get some sexy time with Seth and a few new characters are introduced. I really think what did it for me in this book, was the introduction of Dante Moriarty. I absolutely love Dante with his dark past and sexy sarcastic attitude. He has some of the funniest lines in the book and I am definitely rooting for him.

The antics with Tawny, the apprentice succubus, were really annoying and completely detracted from the main story. I understand that it was all linked to the main plot in the end, but when it was all said and done, it just felt like a bad side story jostling for attention. I have a feeling it will play a bigger part in the series overall, but it did nothing for me here. Georgina is already slutty enough without having to make out with robobabe.

That being said, the sex scenes are taken to another level in this book. Yes some of them are seriously hot, however they just made me dislike Georgina more. She reminds me so much of an ex-friend I had in high school that, once in the real world, turned into a total slut who cared nothing for others feelings and had very little respect for committed relationships. I think it's fair to say I'm never going to like Georgina, but I do enjoy reading about the crap she gets herself into and her continuing troubles with Seth.

Ah...we all knew it had to come to this. Now for the spoilers. Do not read on if you haven't read Succubus Dreams yet, or if you do not wish to be spoiled!

I know a lot of you are upset about Seth cheating on Georgina with Maddie and breaking up with her. Before we pull out the flame throwers, let's be honest here. First of all, Georgina gave Seth full permission to sleep with other people due to the chaste nature of their relationship. They can't have sex or she will eventually kill him so she tells him to get it elsewhere. Therefore she has no right to be pissed off. She goes out and sleeps with other men in completely slutty situations all the time, but gets mad when her poor blue balled boy toy gets it from the cute assistant manager. Hypocritical much? Seth really could have handled the break up better, however his points were completely valid. They can have no significant future together. They can't have kids and grow old together and Seth deserves to have those things for himself if he wants. He knew what he was getting himself into when the relationship started, but his feelings changed and he couldn't handle it. I don't really blame him at all. I know a lot of you are heartbroken for Georgina, but let's face it, she constantly sets herself up for failure! Dante's palm reading only brings this into a more concrete light. The girl is going to live forever she either needs to find herself an immortal lover, who she can't slowly kill off, or she needs to realize if she's going to date mortals that there are consequences. Her shape shifting ways can't compensate for everything she doesn't have to offer. Is that mean? Maybe, but it's also true. Her friends try and tell her this every single book.

Now that I've gotten that rant out of the way, sorry guys, I feel can say with confidence that this series is one to follow. The first two books were ok, but it really picks up here at the third installment. I'm eager to read the next one Succubus Heat to see what happens when Georgina doesn't have someone to answer to. Maybe we'll get a little more Dante? We can only hope.

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