August 6, 2011

Book Review: Blood Promise

Blood Promise
Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy #4
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Creature Feature: Vampires
Rating 4

By far, the slowest of the Vampire Academy series, however the pit stops on Rose's way to finding Dimitri feel necessary and important to her character development.

[book:Blood Promise|5996153] splits its time between Rose's quest to find and kill Strigoi Dimitri and Lissa's now solo battle with the darkness inside of her. A few new characters are introduced, including Dimitri's family and the mysterious alchemists that clean up after careless Dhampirs. The look we get into Dimtri's childhood is a sweet and tender one making the heartwenching reality of Rose's task that much more devistating.

When Rose finally does find Dimitri, after more than half the bok is through, she hesitates and fails to kill him  getting herself captured in the process. The folowing events test both Rose's abilities as a resourceful guardian and her strength of will as a heartbroken young woman. Her fate comes down to a final decision, find a way to escape and kill Dimitri, or become a Strigoi herself, willing or not.

Although slow at times, Blood Promise sets up major plot points for the future and leaves you eager to read the enxt istallment. I'm glad I started reading the series after it was completed or else I woud have a hard time waiting for the next one.

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