August 18, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Delight

Love's Delight
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotic Short Story, Romance
Rating: 3

Brooke's coffee shop visit becomes a naughty, grown-up game of truth or dare when sexy barista Dylan leaves her a mysterious message on a napkin.

 The setup for this erotic short story was flawless building up the reader's anticipation of how the sexy rendezvous would play out. I was pretty much convinced this was going to be my favorite of Mica Jade's short stories, right up until the love scene. This is where the story loses me. It felt like every other word was ass. I totally understand the sexiness of grabbing, spanking, and even some biting every once and awhile, but licking? There is a point where Brooke tells Dylan, "I want your tongue in my ass." Everyone has their quirky turn-ons, and I respect them for it. However in my personal case, this completely turned me off. There is no way my tongue would ever get anywhere near the place poop comes out. It's just plain wrong. Once again I will reiterate that this is my personal opinion and that I think no less of those who participate in this particular activity. It's just not for me.

Besides that particular part, the rest of the love scene is seriously hot, I just had a hard time getting back into it. The end of the story has a cute and surprising little twist that made me smile and really proves that love can reinvent itself infinitely. Love's Delight wasn't my favorite, but Jade certainly has a way with creating sexy situations her readers will be fantasizing about for years to come. The creativity and the variety is what will keep her readers coming back for more.

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