August 25, 2011

Short Story Review: Love's Passion

Love's Passion
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotic Short Story, Romance

Beth is experiencing deep feelings of loss after attending her daughter's wedding. Her husband Sam is determined to cheer her up and relive the day they conceived their baby girl.

Love's Passion is by far the sweetest love story of Jade's erotic tales I've read so far. Beth and Sam have a powerful connection fueled by many years of marriage that is set ablaze after sending their daughter off to her new life. The story line is a bit reminiscent of Love's Bite in that the couple sneak onto a stranger's property for their rendezvous. The idea doesn't seem as fresh after reading it twice, however the amazing love scene just about makes up for it. As a reviewer, it is my job to find these flaws, however I feel the casual reader will find a new and exciting experience with each of Mica Jade's stories.

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