August 11, 2011

Book Review: Love's Bite

Love's Bite
Mica Jade
Genre: Erotica, Short Stories, Romance
Rating: 4

A fun, quick erotic read. You will never be able to look at a pair of novelty vampire fangs the same way ever again. Autumn is my favorite season and Halloween one of my favorite holidays in it. Love's Bite made me twinge with nostalgia at all the gorgeously ghoulish decorations and costumes and took my breath away with those teeth!

Jade knows how to build up the sexual tension between her couples and create excitingly sensual situations. The best part about this story was Michael and Ella are a married couple! Very seldom in these short erotic stories that are becoming so popular, do we see the main characters being the average married couple. Not only could I relate to them, the story actually felt realistic. This could actually happen to you ladies! You and your hubby could get down and dirty with some plastic fangs from the dollar store. All I can say is enjoy and take some notes!

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