August 3, 2011

Book Review: The Pearl at the Gate

The Pearl at the Gate
Anya Delvay
Ebook Short
Published June 24th, 2008
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Rating 3

The Pearl at the Gate is a short erotic tale set in the 1800s. Captain Roake Barbenoir picked up some dirty habits from his time at sea, now that he is settled down with his beloved wife Jenesta, he has vowed to keep his dark urges to himself, but Jenesta has some secrets of her own. Find out what happens when Jenesta explores the forbidden room and is caught by her husband. Sometimes the consequences of our actions can lead to the answers we needed all along.

This is a very saucy short-story, and may be a little too saucy for some who are unaccustomed to more primal sex. There is light BDSM and honestly some of the dialogue is a little ridiculous. The author was trying a little too hard at times to input British slang. This is a decent read for smut lovers, however may not be for everyone.

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