January 21, 2011

The Challenge

Ok people so here it is. I am terrible at making decisions. Well, let's be more specific... I hate making decisions on what to read next. There are so many books out there I want to read. Hundreds if not thousands of books have caught my interest and thousands more wait to be discovered. I guess you could cal me a book worm though I don't really like the connotation of that image. I am not a slimy, cylindrical shaped insect that likes to burrow in the ground and is a popular bait for fish. I am a nice, cute young lady that loves to read and get lost in the worlds of the books I read. Now I would never claim to be an angel, I am far from angelic, and I doubt angels do dishes and cook their husbands dinner on a regular basis. However, I do think they are lovely and i could easily see a sweet little cherub snuggled into a cloud with a book in her hand and her rosy cheek nestled in her palm. Therefore I would like o be a book angel over a book worm.

"Now, what is it you are doing here little book angel?" you may ask. My answer is, begging you wonderful people to help me in my quest for the best reading year yet! Like I mentioned before I am no good at deciding the fate of my future reading endeavors, therefore I would like to propose a challenge. In 2011 I will only read books others choose for me. I will make no decisions on my reading choices and allow you fine people to be my candle on the water if you will. Not only does this solve my problem of indecisiveness, it also allows me to discover new books and series I may no have come across otherwise.

The Rules

1. Read from the top of the list to the bottom for the entire year with the goal of reading 100 books. Please help me by voting: 100 Books for 2011. There is the link so please use it!

2. Review each book at its finish and post it to the Review page (tab above)

3. Answer any questions blog viewers may have about the books!

4. In the event a series book that comes later in the series than I have read to is next on the list, I will read the next book in the series that I am currently on. I will address other discrepancies as they appear.

I may add more rules as I think of them. Please vote on my list! I will be beginning my reading challenge on Sunday and will update the top 5 picks every Sunday as well. Any suggestions, comments, and/or questions are always welcome. Thank you for participating and I hope this is as fun for you as it is for me! Polls to come!


DarkBeauty73 said...

Well I voted for the books that I know about or have myself, hope it helps. We are friends on goodreads, looking forward to your reviews on those you decide to read. good luck.

Book Angel said...

Thank you so much for voting! I'm really excited to get started. I found it interesting how the votes turned out because the top 5 on the list ended up being books 1-5 of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. I read the first book Moon Called awhile ago and liked it so now I guess I will just have to read straight through the rest of them. I think this is going to be a fun year. I love doing little experiments like this. :-) Thanks again!