January 23, 2011

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

By Karen Marie Moning

258 pages

Nookbook edition

Published October 16th, 2007

Series: Fever #2

I finished this book before just before the challenge began so I thought I would put this review up since I really enjoyed it. I read the first installment in this series, Darkfever, as a book club pick last year. I decided to pick up this next volume while I was in the mood for some mischievous fae.

Bloodfever, is the continuing story of MacKayla Lane and her search for revenge against the one who murdered her beloved older sister Alina. Teamed with Jericho Barrons, Mac has become an OOP (object of power) detector with the ultimate goal of finding the Sinsar Dubh, an ancient faery Hallow that Alina requested Mac find in a frantic voicemail that would be her final message.

Most of the story takes place in Dublin, Ireland, but there is also an OOP seeking trip to Wales and a surprising siesta in the world of Faery. The very sexy Seelie prince V'lane returns for this fast paced, dark urban fantasy.

To be perfectly honest, when I began the series I was not a fan of the lead female character Mac. She was a spoiled, shallow, self-absorbed person that made me think, "Do I really want to read something where the main character is so vain?" I almost didn't finish Darkfever because I was so put off, but her character progresses throughout the first book enough to keep me interested in the second. The second book is where Mac makes some real change. I was really impressed with how she has taken her frightening situation and made the most out of it. The responsability of handling the Spear, another Hallow, and taking over Barrons's store has really given her a chance to blossom.

I enjoyed reading this installment in the series and barely noticed flipping pages. When the end came I was so surprised I had finished it as fast as I did. I guess it just takes a great book to make you forget the time.

This series is a Book Angel favorite!

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