January 26, 2011

Blood Bound by Patrcia Briggs

Blood Bound
By Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson #2
200 Pages
E book edition
Published January 30th, 2007
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Monster Focus: Werewolves and Vampires

In this second installment of the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy, a "walker" who can shift into a coyote, owes her vampire friend Stefan a favor for his help rescuing the local pack leader's daughter. Unnerved by the prospect of what he may ask of her, Mercy reluctantly agrees to being an intimidation tool. Stefan must deliver a message from the vampire queen to a rouge vamp who has drifted into her territory. Mercy shifts into a coyote and goes along with Stefan only to find that the vampire she is meeting isn't at all what she expected.

In Mercy's world, most supernatural creatures have acknowledged their existence to the modern world and promised to behave themselves as long as they are not hunted or killed by humans. There are a plethora of creatures in Mercy's world, however the series has so far only focused on werewolves and vampires. I imagine other things will come into focus later on.

The use of this new, more dangerous, kind of vampire was a nice, creepy deviation from the norm. The fact that even the other vampires were afraid of him made it that much more frightening when Mercy takes him on. There was a good plot twist near the end, which was interesting, however predictable. I have to admit there were a few parts in this book that freaked me out which is a major plus. I love it when a book can scare me because it means the story was good enough to draw me in and make it real.

Besides the creepy and the scary, we have the sexy. Mercy's men have only gotten better, though there is a decisive lac of steamy goodness going on. This is definitely not one of those series that has sex in abundance like Black Dagger Brotherhood. Actually I have yet to come across a sex scene or even a slightly steamy scene, that hasn't been interrupted. In my opinion this means that thus far in the series the author hasn't decided who she wants Mercy to be with. I know it sounds like I'm complaining, and I may be just a tad, but honestly, this story stands strong without it as did the first book.

All in all, Mercy is a great heroine. I'm enjoying this series immensely and recommend it to you all.

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