July 15, 2011

Friday, Nerdy Friday

Pariah #1
Aron Warner
Series: Pariah
Pre-release comic
32 Pages
Expected Publication Date: July 20th, 2011
Genre: Sci-fi
Rating 4

Brent Marks, high-school student, incredibly intelligent, nerd extraordinaire. Oh yeah, and he's a Vitros. A Vitros is a kid who has been created through genetic manipulation. The super people of this comic are a bit different from your average super hero, in fact it would be more accurate to call them super nerds. Nerds with the power to be more intelligent than the smartest human to ever exist A neat kinda concept.

The first issue of Pariah is engaging and introduces its main character and world at a nice pace. Brent Marks is white and nerdy and doesn't know how to connect with girls, but underneath all that geek, he is really witty. I found myself laughing at his observations and his constant insistence that he is not a freak.

The art of Pariah is very different form what I'm used to seeing in my comics, but not in a bad way. The colors and textures of the characters and background denote the emotion of the story. Honestly the style is just plain cool. The story told by this issue is intriguing and will leave readers eagerly anticipating more.

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