July 9, 2011

Comic Review: Storm Born #1

For me, the Dark Swan series has been a love affair from page 1. The characters feel like people you know and love and the books are filled with intense plot twists that keep you coming back for more. So when I heard Storm Born was being made into a comic, I raced over to my local comic book store to pre-order my copy only to find out, it was way too early to pre-order. I had jumped the gun a bit.

Now that I have my copy in my hands, I marvel at its glossy pages and gorgeous artwork. The comic reads just like a page out of the book, thanks to Richelle Mead working closely with the artists. Eugenie looks beautiful and our favorite kitsune isn't looking to bad himself! I'm really enjoying seeing my favorite characters brought to life through the rich illustrations and can't wait for more! This series is really the prefect way for fans of paranormal romance novels to branch over into comics. If you have shied away from this form of media thus far from the fear that it is just for boys, let me assure you, this series will open up a whole new way to experience your favorite fiction. The first issue of Storm Born Volume 1 offers visuals you can't get from reading the book and brings the sizzle in spades.

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