July 31, 2011

Sunday Spotlight On: Historical Romance

Seduction & Scandal
Charlotte Featherstone
Guardian Brethren #1
Paperback Edition
382 Pages
Publsihed June 21st, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 5

Don't let the cover fool you! This book has a lot more to it than your average sexy romance novel.

"The first time I met Death, it was at a ball and we danced a waltz, and I feared him, feared the things he made me feel, made me want. That night I ran from him, but Death was right behind me, chasing me and I wanted him to catch me."

Isabella has a scandalous past and a family reputation she is determined to prove wrong. Her mother's past mistakes and their consequences have made Isabella hide her passionate self. Lord Black, the dark and mysterious neighbor, is also determined...determined to seduce her! This tale is full of scandal, seduction, ancient templar secrets, and sexy Freemasons!

Seduction & Scandal is the first installment of the Brethren Guardian series and is not to be missed. I read through this very quickly and had a hard time convincing myself it was time to put it down and get soem sleep. Lord Black is one of the hottest alpha males in the Harlequin lineup!

Underneath the sexy surface, Charlotte Featherstone has woven in touches of Masonic lore and has carefully entwined her characters' fates. The next installment is set up very nicely and will be on my shelf as soon as it releases. Isabella's cousin Lucy's story, Pride and Passion, comes out in November.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really good book.. I love romance novels but this has a little history in it. Can't wait to go buy it :)