July 2, 2012

Wigs Reviews Hushed by Kelley York

 I'm really excited to welcome...

Wigs: Wicked's Secret Behind the Scenes Partner In Crime

My dear friend Wigs is an amazing, and often hilarious reviewer and I had to have him here on Wickedly Bookish. I"m happy to say he has agreed to have a review spotlight once a month. So, please read on! I hope you come to love him as much as I have. 

Kelley York
Genre: YA, Suspense, M/M
Rating: 5

Attention: This is a review for a queer book full of boy cuddles. If this makes you think 


then press back and 

if, however, your original thought was 

 then gather round and have a listen.

 Okay so firstly, I loved this book. But it's not all about boy cuddles either, it's a very, very dark book. Archer is an 18-year old college student with a hit list:

Jay Lee
Ronny Brown

Brody Hilton
Richter Samuels
Hector Barnes

Like Dexter, Archer is killing because these people have done terrible things. Unlike Dexter though, he doesn't enjoy this. There's a strange force compelling him to kill them and her name is Vivian. Not that she knows, but he feels like things won't be 'normal' until all her rapists are gone. Now if only she would notice him, even though they've been best friends their whole life.

But then along comes with Evan with his over-sized puppy demeanor and his belief that Archer is a good person. And he's cute and irresistible and makes Archer believe he can leave this behind...

But let's just say...I wouldn't really call this a spoiler, more of a teaser, but quite a few more people than that hit list are gonna turn up dead...

Kelley is a great YA writer. I loved all things she made me feel! This was the most important part of the book to me, all the emotional connections I felt for the boys and for what was going on. I was so drawn in. And I suppose I had quite a connection (not that I have a hit list, haha but) because I've had a Vivian in my life. Maybe two, actually. Someone who continually causes you pain but you keep coming back hoping things will be better, things will go back to how they were if you keep trying and trying. I know the kind of hold it can have over you and my heart went out to Archer as he struggled with his inability to let go.

I loved Kelley's writing style and how introspective it is in Archer's mind. He is an empathetic character, yes, despite his secret activities. I also enjoyed the way she wrote physical actions, little things that people do between dialogue, that proved how well she saw this in her mind like a movie and how she captured it in words. I can't tell you how often her dialogue made me puppy-whimper and curl my toes with my inability to handle the cuteness, and/or the upsettingness of the situation.

And of course you're wondering about the gay content, I know you are. So while this is a YA and no, it's not a raunch-fest, what we do get is lots of boy cuddles, quite a few adorable kisses, and one hot scene that was delightsome. 

Oh yes, ahem. 

But as I said, this is not just about cuteness and boy-cuddles. This is a tale of love and its consequences so be prepared for the darkness and the blood and the death. Be prepared to be frustrated with Archer and his choices, and Vivian, that damn Vivian! LEAVE ARCHER ALONE.

I give this book 5 stars because of the emotional connections you make with the characters, the shocks and surprises, the male/male adorableness, the intense climax, and all the feels that I felt through all the craziness.

You rock, Kelley. Excellent writing debut and I so look forward to your second book :)


Anonymous said...

YAY, that's me! Thanks so much for the lovely review. I read it on GoodReads, and it never fails to make me smile.

Jamie Manning said...

A most excellent review of a most excellent novel! I love Archer and Evan (Team Ever!), and this book is stupendous just as you described.
And, um, thanks for the HOT gif at the end! :)

Jess said...

@Kelley: Thank you for stopping by! I was excited to have the review for Hushed as Wigs' first monthly spotlight! Now I can't wait to read it myself... :-)

@Jamie: You are very welcome! Wigs hand selects only the very best gifs for his reviews. I'm very excited to have him on the Wickedly Bookish team.

<3 Wicked