May 2, 2012

May Monster Madness: It's a Scream to be a Teen

May Monster Madness!
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Day 2: It's a Scream to be a Teen!
My Adolescence in Monsters 

As a teenager, I was still leery of horror films as I hadn't watched many and wasn't sure how I would react to the disturbing elements, but most of all I was worried about the gore. Would I be able to handle it? What would it be like? What if it scarred me for life! I know it seems kinda dramatic, but I hadn't been exposed to much gore at all so I didn't know what to expect. This is where I ended up turning to Buffy for direction. I loved every moment of that show! The combination of monsters, a relateable, kick-ass heroine, and punchy wit helped me bridge the gap.

The Master! One of the only vampires on the show who didn't have an alternate pretty face.
Buffy had some pretty creepy monsters! Like the Gentlemen. You know, those floating guys in suits that cut off the entire town's ability to makes noises and then cut out the hearts of helpless co-eds? 

Yeah those guys! They were awesome.

Buffy also helped me to continue my habit of crushing on the bad guy...

80's Billy Idol Spike

Ew! Oh who am I fooling? Still sexy!
 Spike, could do no wrong in my eyes. I loved the edgy chemistry between him and Buffy. They were always circling each other, bantering, fighting, frustrating me to no end! I really adored his wicked, wicked ways and sexy British accent. Kudos to James Marsters for pulling it off! But enough of Buffy and Spike. Let's move onto what I promised you yesterday...

My best friend in middle school introduced me to The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was thirteen and let me tell you... It was all so strange and different from anything I'd seen before and yet, when Frank-N-Furter came down that elevator, arched those gorgeous eyebrows of his and started singing, my image of what was sexy was forever altered. 

Frank may not have been a monster, but he was definitely one sexy beast!
Was puberty this colorful for all of you? To this day I watch my DVD copy regulary and still dream of going to one of the live screening events. They have one in Reno every year, but I never have anyone to go with! As you can see, my adolescence continued and broadened my love the strange and wonderful. My monster tastes began to mature and lead me to where I am today. More on that tomorrow though...

Not only did my taste in movie and television entertainment become darker, but also I found my literary tastes leaning towards this area as well. As a teen, I loved paranormal and fantasy literature and had a hard time reading anything that didn't feature a supernatural aspect to it. I read many spooky tales by authors like Christopher Pike, Stephen King, and the glorious Anne Rice. 

 Although I'm not much of a Stephen King fan anymore (gasp!) these authors showed me the variety horror had to offer. High school football players becoming cannibalistic monsters who spread their hunger to beautiful young women, a poor misunderstood teenage girl killing everyone who ever made fun of her, and one of the greatest egotistical anti-heroes of all time guided me along the most confusing time of my young life. 

Lestat will always be my favorite vampire, no matter who is playing him.
Thanks for stopping by today! My Life in Monsters will be concluded tomorrow when I bring you up to date with my current monster obsession in Zombies: A Love Affair. Oh yes, and here is that virtual cookie I promised. I know it wasn't that hard to guess but kudos to  Emma of Little Gothic Horrors and Irene for picking up on my Rocky Horror roots. 

Here are your cookies ladies, but you'll have to fight off this monster to get to them!

See you tomorrow my Wicked Darlings!

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