May 16, 2012

Alpha Showdown 2012: Update

Round 2: Charles Cornick vs. King Dorian 
Round 3: Lothaire vs. Cat

For those of you who are not aware, The Alpha Showdown is an annual event over at Vampire Book Club where your favorite fictional alphas throw down. Only one can be the winner, and it's up to you! Voting is open right now for rounds 2 and 3 so head on over and vote!

Round 2 was a tough vote for me as I love both these guys. Charles is one badass werewolf assassin, but my loyalties lay with King Dorian. During my read of the Dark Swan series, I couldn't get the bondage obsessed fae king out of my head! Dorian can be my alpha any day. ^_^

Round 3 was a bit easier as I haven't read anything by Kresley Cole yet, *gasp!* I know, it's criminal, but I plan on fixing this very soon. I voted for my girl Cat from the Night Huntress series. This redhead is not to be messed with. Her husband Bones won round 1 against Rachel Morgan by smothering her with his 1,536 votes. The poor girl only got 192! I love Rachel, but please, Bones? No contest. Wouldn't that be awesome to see Cat and Bones duke it out in the end?

Who are you voting for? Where do your loyalties lay? Let me know! 

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