May 21, 2011

City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels
By Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #4
424 Pages
Hardcover Edition
Published: April 5th, 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Creature Feature: Vampire, Angel, Werewolf, Fae, Demon

When I heard that City of Fallen Angels was coming out I was ecstatic. A continuation of Mortal Instruments? More Clary and Jace? Yes Please! I could hardly wait even with the bonus of all the pre-release goodies Cassandra Clare was providing her loyal fans.

You are all now expecting my wild praises after having just finished this book. Amazing! Epic! Wonderful! Mind-bogglingly stimulating! Hmmm... That doesn't sound quite right. Ah! I have it now! Actually, it's a bit more like dissapointing! Underwhemling! An epic regergitated mess. Where was the crack injected addictiveness of the previous books? Haven't I read this somewhere before? Yes, yes I have.

Honestly people, after hugely anticipating this book because of my love for the orginal trilogy, I believe this world and chast of characters would have been much better off staying where they were after City of Glass. I would have much rather remembered Jace as his arogant, witty, hunky self from the original books than be left with this pathetic, simpering, pile of self-loathing that has been presented to us in CoFA.

Here is where I get all spoily so please don't read on if you have yet to finish the book.


Let's be honest with ourselves shall we? We all knew that Clare was going to pull some "Sebastian Returns!" bull shit. There was absoutely no surprise there. The way she did it through Lilith was creative, but honestly originality it is not. Lilith, the mother of all warlocks is more commonly known as the queen of the succubi, which are better known as...demons who sneak into mens' dreams and use the power of sexuality to weaken them and steal their lifeforce for their own. And what happned to Jace everyone? Lilith uses sexy Clary dreams that end in death to freak Jace out and slowly draw him to her so she can mark him. Ineresting parallel there. And WTF is up with Jace and Clary? Their interactios in this book can be summed up this way.

Clary: Why are you ignorning me?
Jace: I'm really not sure...
Clary: But I love you more than anyone has every loved anything in the entire span of existence! Jace: I know me too... Here let me mumble words in another language to you that you will have to trust mean what I say they mean.
Clary: I don't speak Italian
Jace: I know! I mean... it means something totally sappy that will make you forget you're mad at me.
Clary: Oh Jace! Let's make out now! I will soothe your pain with fondling!
Jace: Finally...

Also, love how she just so happens to advertise her prequel series by placing, and discussing main characters from Clockwork Angel. I guess that can be an interesting tie in, but it just felt plastic. Camille's part in the story started out promising, but fell short near then end reeking insignificance. The abruptness of it screamed insincerity.


Fangirls, don't get all crazy on me. I respect you and your opinions, so please respect mine. I really do love this series, but instead of providing an exciting continuation of the trilogy that we all know and love to death, CoFA brings a downer on the whole franchise. I'm not going to say that I want my money back as so many reviewers have expressed, because I got what I asked for, more Jace and Clary no matter how unsatisfactory. Plus the cover is pretty and it will look good sitting next to the first three on my bookshelf. God, I love the smell of paperweights in the morning!

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