May 29, 2011

Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking
By Kim Harrison
Series: The Hollows #1
Ebook Edition
432 Pages
Published October 13th, 2009
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Creature Feature: Withes, Vampires, Werewolves, Pixies, Fae, etc.
Rating: 4

I actually liked this a lot more than I was expecting.

Dead Witch Walking starts out slow, and I mean very slow. It takes about the first 100 pages for the plot to begin in earnest and another 50 for the action to start. Once the action gains some momentum, it doesn't stop until the end of the book.

There are many negative reviews for this book here on Goodreads, and I have to agree with most of them that it suffers from the "first book in the series" syndrome and has some issues with the character development and relationships. However, even though the story takes a bit to get started, once it does it is hard to put the book down. I had to finish this last night to find out how it ended. Now, the ending is a bit lack luster, but there is a hint of promise for following books to be exciting. I have also heard that the rest of the series is amazing and this is just one of those books you have to get through to get to the good stuff.

Don't let the slow beginning and lack of hottie love interests deter you form giving this series a try. Near the end we get a glimpse of future interests for Rachel so do not fear!

I will definitely be giving the rest of the Hollows series a try. The lush world and engaging companion characters are well worth it.

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