March 31, 2012

Lover Dismayed: One Fangirl's Lament of Longing

 Lover Dismayed
One Fangirl's Lament of Longing
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 Ever since Lover Reborn came out on Tuesday, I've been watching all my reading and reviewing buddies share their excitement over getting their hands on their own copies. I'm starting to develop twitchy fingers thanks to how badly I want to hold my very own, bright orange copy. I image when I finally buy mine from Barnes & Noble, I'll hug it to my chest and weep joyful tears as the cashier, completely freaked out by my odd behavior, subtly reaches for the phone to call security. 
Why, you may be asking yourself, hasn't she already gone and picked up her copy? Why is she putting herself through such unnecessary torture? Well my wicked reader, let me begin by saying I have a bit of a book addiction. Ok, a "bit" of a book addiction is quite the understatement. Mine is so bad, if they had such a thing as Bibliophiles Anonymous, my hubby would be driving me to meetings every week just to keep me from loading up on new volumes from Goodwill, Barnes & Noble, and that dangerous little aisle at Wal-Mart in-between the DVDs and the crafts section. The gorgeous bookcase my hubby bought me for our anniversary this year is already overflowing and my bedside cabinet couldn't hold another paperback or comic book without collapsing from the burden.

Thanks to this unfortunate for my tiny apartment, but entirely enjoyable addiction, my hubby finally got fed up and has enacted THE RULE. 

"Due to the expensive and spatially inconvenient nature of the addiction, Jess of Wickedly Bookish must read and finish ten books she already owns before venturing out on another book buying expedition. These ten books do not include galleys or ARCs received for review by authors or publishers. They MUST be books contributing to the spatial inconvenience so those volumes she does not wish to hold on to can be donated."

This may seem harsh to some of you, but I honestly enjoy the challenge. I decided to make it fun and make a book challenge out of it. I was very pleased with myself until it hit me. That "Oh, Shit!" moment when I realized this would coincide with Lover Reborn's release By then it was too late and I had already sealed my fate. And that is why I sadly write, it could be a month or more before I lay my hands on this glorious book. My hubby didn't quite understand my fascination until I explained to him I haven't been this excited about a book release since the last Harry Potter book came out. 
Don't feel too bad for me. :-) I dug my own grave. However, it has given me the chance to enter some of these great giveaways during this blog hop and reflect on what I look forward to most and hope to get out of my read of Lover Reborn.

This is the point of the post where I will warn you of spoilers. If you have not read the series through Lover Unleashed, I would suggest proceeding at your own risk.

 The infamous leader of the Band of Bastards has captivated me. I know he and his boys are supposed to be villains as Xcor desperately wants to dethrone Wrath, but the Warden has shown us some amazing background information on these guys that I can't help but want to know more.

My favorite fairytale has always been Beauty and the Beast so I think you can see where part of my fascination with Xcor is coming from. I get the feeling that his cleft palette, which he considers a deformity, has contributed massively to his cold, dark exterior when really he is a romantic on the inside. I'm hoping he will eventually get his own book and find a woman who doesn't give a damn about his cleft palette and loves him for the ultimately kind and sexy person he really is. You can't deny he has a good heart after he let Payne go back to the Brotherhood like that. He was a complete gentlemen to her once he realized he wasn't the Bloodletter's son and Payne was not the villain in that situation.
 There are just so many sexy things the Warden could do with his story. I could see his insecurity making for some pretty kinky love scenes. Slinking into bed in the dark, blindfolds, bandanas... doggie style? :-) I'll let your imagination get fired up!
Qhuinn & Blay
I know many of us have been waiting for these two to finally get together. Thus far the Warden has teased and tortured those of us on Team Qhuay and I for one need some kind of resolution soon! Some of the reviews I've read so far have hinted we won't find that resolution here, but some good development is made. We have been watching their relationship develop for a long time now and deserve some Qhuay lovin'! I've heard rumors that we will probably not be seeing a full book for these two, but a novella so that fans of BDB who do not approve of, or do not want to read about a homosexual relationship won't be alienated from the series. I'm sad that this means we won't get a full book, but this is a good option. I can understand that M/M erotica isn't for everyone and I wouldn't want any BDB fans to miss out on important story lines to the series. Therefore I will be happy with what Qhuay action I can get. :-) 

 Finally we will get some kind of closure on poor Tohr's story. I wasn't sure what the Warden had in store when Wellsie died, and I still don't really know what to expect. While I'm so happy that Tohr is going to find love again and find some happiness after the horrible ordeal he has been through, I'm very skeptical that anyone can live up to his former Shellan in my mind. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by No'One, but  I will be going into this one with a guarded heart. 

That's all I have for you fellow BDB fanatics! Thank you for bearing with me and stopping by my little blog. So what are you all looking forward to the most? If you've already finished, what did you love the most? Please, if you have completed Lover Reborn, keep your comments spoiler free!

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Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Ward announced yesterday that the next book will be about Qhuinn and Blay! How awesome is that?!!?!? And don't worry, you're not alone. I haven't read this yet because my library is still waiting for their copy. Lol