June 14, 2012

Thursday's Dirty Little Secret #22

My favorite meme of the week! Dirty Little Secret is hosted by the lovely ladies of Under the Covers. This awesome meme challenges book bloggers to share a new dirty little secret each week.

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image (code above) and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link at Under the Covers

Non-bloggers, leave your answer in the comments! 

This week's question is:

With the upcoming release of MAGIC MIKE where some of the hottest guys strip nekkid and shake their ummmm assets, we want to know YOUR fantasy cast! If you could choose six of the hottest stars to shake their moneymakers for you, which guys would it be?
Is it sad I had to look this up? lol! I honestly wasn't aware this movie even existed. I guess that tells you how much of a life I don't have. And now that I do know...  I'm quite frazzled! My choices may be a bit unconventional, but these are guys I just can't stop thinking about!

Eric Dane
Who better to teach "the kid" how to really get down? Eric Dane not only has the body for this role, but have you heard his voice? Dear lord! I could listen to that gravely goodness for hours.

Jesse Williams
Wigs (my dear friend and guest reviewer) would kill me if I left Jesse out! The perfect embodiment of the youthful protege in my opinion. Eric and Jesse also have a teacher/pupil relationship on Grey's Anatomy so the chemistry is already there!

Ryan Reynolds
The thing I find most sexy about a man is his sense of humor. So when a man comes along like Ryan who is the perfect blend of funny and physique... Well I wouldn't be able to resist! And having him strip as Deadpool... heaven! 

Tom Hiddleston
As you can see by my self-made Team Loki button on the sidebar here, I am a loyal Loki fangirl! I adore Tom Hiddleston and couldn't leave him out of my fantasy lineup! Not only does Tom do the best sexy smirk around, but he's also amazing to his fans.  Man candy with a heart of gold. ^_^

Silas Weir Mitchell
You may know him better as Monroe from the hit t.v. show Grimm. There is just something so elementally sexy about Silas to me. I love a man who can really rock some facial hair and deliver a smoldering look like this one. I love how his character Monroe balances his dueling natures. Maybe he should let the beast within out just for one night!

David Tenant
How could I pass up adding The Doctor to the lineup?  No one does the arched eyebrow better! This pic is from his role as Peter Vincent in Fright Night. A role that is completely opposite to that of The Doctor, but one I still very much enjoyed watching him in.  

So, what's your dirty little secret?


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Jesse Williams is a delicious piece of man if I must say so. Thanks for the fantasy! LOL

Talk Supe DLS

Ning said...

Great choices! *goes back to stare at the pictures* Man Eric Dane will make a hot cowboy!


Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

C.S. Maxwell said...

Great choices---Lurve Jessie's eyes....
Here is mine:

Sebastian Marley said...

Yess! <3 Wigs is here for this delicious man cast with Jesse and shirtless partying :3

Ana♥ said...

oh my woooord! Eric Dane & Jesse Williams didn't make my cut!! but laaawd knows I love them both hehe.. <3<3<3 Grey's Anatomy! Extra kudos points for you hehe. Haha you and Loki. tsk tsk .. :p Great picks, Jess!


Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

Wickedly Delicious said...

Love Jesse's eyes. Eric is def. hot! All great choices. Have a nice weekend.


Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Mmmmm. Eric Dane. That was an excellent choice! Loving that pic. Whew! Ryan Reynolds would be too funny.

Anna @ My DLS

Darcy Town said...

yes for Silas Weir Mitchell, I love him as Monroe! Yes to all the others as well, but I'm always surprised when someone calls this guy out for being as awesome as he is.