June 20, 2012

#WW Read-a-Thon Wednesday Totals

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon
Wednesday Totals

Lies Beneath: 120 pages 40% complete

I'm really enjoying this one so far! While there are definitely your general YA elements involved, the fact that it is written from a guy's perspective and comes off much darker than you would expect has really drawn me in. Murderous Merpeople? I'm intrigued!

Lover Reborn: 86 pages 15% complete

So glad to be back with the Brothers! I'm having fun catching up with everyone and digging into Tohr's story. What does the Warden have in store for us this time? Can't wait to find out!!

Saving sunni: 37 pages 15% complete

An ARC I will be reviewing Monday the 25th written by an author who actually lives the BDSM lifestyle. I love that she is writing from experience and I feel like I am getting a true look into a world that most just speculate about. Well written and with likable characters I am very interested to see what Saving sunni has to offer. I will also be hosting Kasi Alexander for a guest post and giveaway on June 30th!

Wednesday Total Pages Read: 243

No challenges for me today! I have extra work this week and wasn't able to get to a computer today in time to participate. I am pretty happy with my reading progress though! I plan on finishing Lies Beneath tomorrow and tearing my through Goddess Interrupted. I also have a little beta project I am working on for a dear friend and may decide to include a page count  towards my progress, although I will keep the details of the project top secret. Sorry guys! More on this closer to publication and with the author's consent. 

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

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