September 30, 2011

Book Review: One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time
Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress #6
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3

Cat and Bones are back for another round of supernatural smackdown, this time with the crazy ghost of Heinrich Krammer, a former witch hunter who becomes corporeal on Halloween night and burns innocent women to death.  Many of our favorite characters return to help out like my favorite Ian along with Spade and Denise and Cat's mom. Mencheres and Kira do not make an appearance sadly.

What was my main issue with this book you may ask? Bones is too perfect. He is so perfect in fact, he is beginning to sparkle. Yes ladies, I said it. Blasphemy it may be, but read this excerpt and tell me you don't see it.

"I stared at my husband's profile noting how his sculpted cheekbones, curving dark brows, and exquisite crystal skin only highlighted the ruthlessness of his expression.

 Ok, so we all know that Bones is gorgeous and ruthless and blah, blah, blah. There are about 20 occurrences of these types of lines throughout the book. It's getting little ridiculous. We get already! Bones has no flaws, is absolutely perfect in every way and is so hot you could cook breakfast on his abbs. Now that we have that covered, can we get to some actual important plot in the next book please?

The one good thing this book does is introduce a new character. Tyler the flamboyant medium is amazingly hilarious. He has the best lines in the book hands down. Without him, this would have been a complete waste of time for me.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that this series is starting to take a nose dive. It started out amazing at first, but after book three, things got a little dicey.This is not quiet the weakest book in the series as it is still entertaining, however it is completely lacking in that original Cat and Bones magic that we all love so much. Is it because now that they are finally together, things have settled down with their relationship? I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but something is definitely missing. In my honest opinion, it is about time Ms. Frost puts Cat and Bones' series to rest and focuses her energies on the Night Huntress World books and Vlad's new series that begins with Once Burned. I think we could all use some fresher blood.

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