February 16, 2012

Thursday's Dirty Little Secret #10

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This week's question:

Heroes in historical romance like the extremes - the virgin hero or the rogue rake. Which of the two makes you shudder in pleasure?

I absolutely love this question!. There is honestly just something so...well... hot about a well written virginal hero. Diana Gabaldon did this well in Outlander with Jamie and I have been looking for historical romance with on par virginal heroes ever since. The second book in the turner series by Courtney Milan, Unclaimed did this well too. 
On a gaming note, the Dragon Age series does this well too. In Dragon Age Origins, flirting with Allistar will reveal that he is actually, a virgin. No way! He's adorable, charming, and one big hulking templar of a man. Oh and he wants you to lead the way *wink, wink*
You want me to do what? With my...what?
In Dragon Age 2, you meet Fenris, a sexy elf with a tortured past. Oh, and he is also a virgin. Wah?! What is up with all these hot fictional guys not getting any fictional booty? Apparently there just hasn't been a right time or right person for Fenris on his run from slavery. *sigh* And by the way, he has gorgeous lyrium tattoos all over his body. Let's see if he will let us find out if it really is all over....
I'm up for the challenge. The question is, are you?
 And that's it for this week everyone! Honestly this has to be my favorite post of the week. I love this meme because it lets me be creative... and dirty. ^_^ What's your secret?


DiDi said...

virgin or not the tattoos will get me anytime!

Jess said...

Yes ma'am! lol He also has a tendency to be fairly aggressive when he's in the mood. When you first romance with him in the game, he tries to walk away, but when you call him back, he shoves your character against the wall and ravishes you. *shiver* Love it!

Ning said...

great answer! I agree. I totally fell in love with Alistair in the game and since I was an elf I encouraged him cheating on his queen. I've yet to play the 2nd one. will have to find time for it though.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

The Librarian said...

I agree with Didi, tattoo's ....

I really should check this serie out

Jess said...

@ Ning, I'm so glad there is at least one person out there who knows what I'm talking about when I go all gamer on you guys! lol Allistar is the best. I was a human noble so I got to marry him at the end of the game and become his queen. It was awesome! DA2 wasn't as good as the first, but still well worth the play through.

@ The Librarian: Thanks for stopping by again! I honestly think the tattoos are what got me interested in Fenris in the first place as well. He ended up reeling me in with his dark past and passionate personality. If you enjoy video games that have strong RPG elements, then i would highly recommend the Dragon Age series. Start from the beginning though! The story is better that way.