February 5, 2012

#WWReadathon: Saturday Results

 I got lots of reading done on Saturday. So much so that I passed out and am posting my results the next day :-) 

The Winter Palace
Page 200 - 313
Still enjoying this one, but I feel like it focuses more on the life of Varvara the palace spy rather than Catherine the Great and what it does tell of her isn't necessarily very flattering. Catherine comes off like a selfish whiny brat. I'm still waiting for her to become "Great"

Page 125 - 216
I'm pretty unhappy with how this one is going. I haven't connected with any of the characters except for the Grandfather and well... he's no longer around. I understand that the numbness of things reflects the society they live in, but really it makes for bad storytelling. I'll finish reading this, but don't expect to continue the series.

Friday Pages: 154
Saturday Pages: 204
Total Pages: 358

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